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During the little bit of time I spent at HOPE I collected a lot of documents about the organization. I have a few about some after school programs that they offer for teens around Boston, a program called Poder Latino, they have a program that helps students apply for college, they have a group primarily for people that HIV/AIDES, they even help people do their taxes. HOPE is a well rounded organization that Hispanics with almost anything.

            Poder Latino is a program for Hispanic teens that helps develop different skills; they have the chance develop their public speaking skills, as well as their leadership skills. This program is a way to inform teen mainly about HIV/AIDES, but other STDs as well. Teens get paid to attend this program, however this program is not for everyone, it’s only for teens ages 13-18, and teen that fall in at least one of these categories. They need to either be “infected and/ or affected with HIV, history of substance abuse and/or domestic violence, at “high risk” of contrasting STI’s and STD’s, homeless/runway, and youth who are not in school.” This program inparticular is to keep teen that are already in trouble out of other forms of trouble. Poder Latino gives teen an opportunity to go to other after school programs and teach other teens about HIV/AIDE’s. They are also given the some leadership roles, Jefferey Munos and Mayra Ortolaza chose two or three teens to stand out and make sure that all of the other teens are doing what they suppose to be doing; they are also in charge of introducing Poder Latino when they have to do a work shop.

            Poder Latino can help me with my topic, in many ways. Poder Latino is helping teens in two different ways; they are helping the ones that already in trouble they actually need the attention that they haven’t been getting. They also go around Boston and educate teens on the exact topics that through my survey proves that they don’t know anything about. I keep stressing that there needs to be more programs to educate teens about STDs and teen pregnancy, and now there is. Poder latino not only does a sex ed. class, they teach a sex ed. class that is affective.    

            HOPE also has another program, this time for parents, it’s called P.L.E.N.A. (Promotores Latino/ as Educando a Nuestros Amigos/as). P.L.E.N.A. gives parents the opportunity to get educated as well as educate other about different health issues. P.L.E.N.A. is free, so that leaves no room for excuses. Parents know just as much as their children, they shouldn’t stay in the shadows and HOPE that their child is getting the information that is needed to help them succeed in life. P.L.E.N.A is also helpful for me to help answer my question, because it is another opportunity to get parents on my side as well. If parents see what’s going on, and read some statistics on the spread of STDs; maybe, just maybe they will help me with enforcing sexual education classes in high schools.

            HOPE also has support groups that are brought to you by Pedro A. Zamora. Zamora has quite the story; Zamora was on the real world a few years ago. Zamora had AIDEs, and he was gay. Zamora used the publicity to advocate for people with AIDEs, he there to be more programs, and more help for opportunities for people with HIV/AIDEs. Zamora died while shooting the real world; and his sister completed the program that Zamora was trying to get together. To help Zamora program HOPE took on as being one of the sites where the group can come together and meet.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.