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Section 3: Source Overview


Today in Boston we face many issues such as gang violence, teen pregnancy, dropouts, and low resources. But nobody does anything about it because everyone just sits around with a bad attitude, I can’t see why we don’t take advantage of the education given to us instead, we just act like we don’t care. However, the Boston Public School system knows where the most problems happen and where the schools are located but if they know that why hasn’t anything happened to change the "school system". The school system only seems to change within the suburban area because those students portray a positive attitude about their education.My question brings about a lot of thinking, and questions. My question will allow others to have an attitude where they either disagree or agree based on my topic. Do resources affect a student’s academic success? This question will hopefully capture many peoples attention because they might have thought about asking the same question but didn’t think it was there place. Behind this question we can come to many solutions and hopefully put a change in the school system. Like finding out why urban schools have low resources but suburban schools don’t.

I also wanted to know if they always had the same amount of resources and have the children’s learning skills bettered or gotten worst.My PAR paper is basically going to help kids, students, parents, teachers, education board, communities what is really going on with their child’s school, with their child’s education.


The types of sources i used were  Primary Sources which consisted of my

CBO Sites: Fenway High , East Boston High , and Concord Academy. Interviews : Students at Fenway High and Concord Academy. Secondary sources, such as Surveys: I surveyed at least 50 students from Boston Community Leadership Academy and just random students that attend school in the Boston area.However i also  used an article called "Closing the Achievement Gap in Suburban and Urban Schools" written by Ferguson, Ronald . F. Secondly, another article called  " The Challenging Of Staffing Urban Schools With Effective Teachers"/

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