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My name is Noel Porter and I am 18 years old, currently attending Boston Community Leadership Academy after previously attending a charter school in Roslindale called Frederick Douglass Charter School that got shut down because the school environment didn’t fit the Board of Educations criteria. However, I am the American Dream of my family because majority of the children in my family either didn’t finish high school or either finished high school but didn’t go on to college because nobody prepared them for the college life. Based on viewing my family’s experiences I want to be the one who differs, I want to be the one who corrects the younger generation when their wrong, I want to be the one who has people around them who have high expectations.Furthermore, there is one person in my life that faced many hardships, had people around him who constantly judged and doubted him and still fulfilled his goals and became successful, and that person is my brother Lyron, 30 years of age. Growing up for him as a child wasn’t the perfect childhood because he had both parents in his life but they wasn’t living in the same household so he felt that he was being mistreated from one of the parents and this caused rage. This caused rage because most of his friends lived with both parents except for him so he didn’t feel the same treatment as others, this lead him to being pressured to try drugs by other teens his age, participate in gang activities, and the lost of his mother. By him going through these experiences this made him want to change for the better, so he went to college and later on mentored teens that are going through similar experiences as him.

  Lyrons life story has shaped me for who I am today and it gave me determination not follow the same path as he did but to create my own. " Don’t wish for success, work for it".I am the youngest out of my siblings so I get what I want but at the same time it is real hard because I have so much family support that they expect too much out of me and If I fall into the category that they conversated numerous times with me then that brings disappointment and they being to loose trust. And loosing trust by someone who is important to you is painful because then they are becoming judgmental and has low expectations. At the same time it makes me stronger because now knowing what people expect of you gives the individual the ability to prove them wrong. 

I am Noel Porter

Someone nobody can’t be

I am the American Dream

Of my family

I am the one

Who strives to find work

I am the scholar

Whose goals are set high

I am the girl

That everyone looks down on

I am not what they expect me to be

A failure…

Use drugs

And have a bunch of babies

I am a teenager

Who demands "Respect"

I am Noel Porter

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