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Now that I am aware of leadership I am now able to describe what it is.  Leadership is when one stands up for what they believe, through many ways whether it is through protesting, writing a letter, creating an organization etc.

            Leadership is something that everyone owns, even if they don’t know it. When we first started the class I didn’t really know what leadership meant even though I attended a school with the word located in the name.  As I entered the class I was given all the types of work, but I didn’t know what they all lead up to, and that was leadership. Leadership was present in every last assignment that we were given, and this made it easier for me to understand this class as well as leadership as the class went on.

            For example, in the worksheets that we were given about the Lowell Mills girls in the 1830’s from term one we were able to see how at a young age girls were able to organize a way so that they could stand up for the way they were being treated. When I first read it I just though that it was something about how children and women were seeing treated badly, and finally stood up for themselves, and there was more to that, and that was how leadership takes place even at a young age. This was something that helped me better understand as we were given more assignments on leadership, and then we were given an assignment about the Segmentation in the schools.

            Bussing was something that occurred in the late 1800’s. It was when the schools were trying to desegregate so that they tried to bus the students from all different types of areas to the predominately white schools even if it did mean putting there lives in danger. Once people begin to notice that this was a problem many of the families begin to stand up to say that yes they did need desegregated schools, but they didn’t want to put the children’s lives in danger while doing it. They begin to organize a meetings, and begin to discuss a better way so that the schools could be diversified, without their lives being put in danger, and they were able to do that, and now due to it we have schools that are diverse with different races, religions etc in all types of schools.

            In the end, after I have done all of the assignments that I have completed I am

able to say that I know what leadership means, and why we have it. Leadership is the

ability to motivate others, to do the right thing. 

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