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Conclusion & Recommendations

            Adults perceptions and behaviors affect the youth by their over controlling and lack of guidance. Adults don't give consideration to the youth; ostracizing them and keeping them isolated from society.

            In my research, there were many major findings and impressions I had on my data collected and the youths' and adults perspectives about their lives. Adults don't realize that they have an enormous importance in the lives of the youth. They tend to make commands towards the youth; taking complete control and depriving them from their "freedom." They play a major role in their actions, but not everything that an adult does is in relation to the youths' adultist. Childhood comes in many series of development that add up from "love, guidance, rules, discipline, teaching, nurturance, and protection." What adults fail to see is that "they" are the youths' "motivation and guidance" to life. In motivation and guidance, adults are to push the youth forward into becoming somebody and the youth's model of what they will become in time. I found that the majority of adults feel that they are lacking guidance towards the youth. They admit that they don't know how to really communicate to them and have a hard time understanding them. The youth notice this but they, too don't know how to speak to adults. With the thought of "keeping their mouth shut" around adults, they feel that they can't talk to adults about their problems. Adult feel that they don't have the same priorities as the youth and feel that they don't have anything to talk about, keeping them from communication.

There is a major issue between adults and the youth that needs to be solved by commitments from both sides. There is a dilemma in the interaction between the young and the adults that cause a negative vibe. Labeling and not making an attempt to know one another causes expectations and problems in this society. Thinking that one group is going to act in certain ways to please you is the reason why people can't cooperate. Understanding the youths' perception of adults listening will help get an understanding of why take the actions that they're involved in, and getting an adults' perception will help the youth get an explanation of why adults behave in different conducts.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.