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 How effective can young people be in leading and partcipating in community change? 

            The youth can be effective in making change in their communities by being leaders and displaying their positive participation. When a person first hears the word “leader” they think of a person that leads and gives advice. A leader is a person that gives guidance and carries a group around. When I was asked the question of a leader, I didn’t know how to fully explain it. I couldn’t make a connection of leadership in class and I couldn’t really explain my own self what it was until the readings that were given in class. Throughout this year, we were able to display leadership by our on our own encounters and through our papers.

            Learning about the Lowell Mills in Boston during the 1800’s, we discovered how the young Irish girls were able to show leadership and courage. During this period of time, young girls had harsh treatments and were ordered around to work all day with the machines. The girls could not take the abuse any longer and they became active. They got together and became organized to They had their first strike, their schools desegregation.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.