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 Section III: Source Overview

“Without fear, there is no courage.”



   When people think of youth leadership, they become fearful and worried. Worried that with youth leadership, adults will have no power. However, with youth leadership, both adults and youth would have equal power where both age groups could be in sync when it came to making decisions. Moreover, for my class’ topic of education, we chose education because everyone has been affected by some sort of education. With this affecting everyone, “leaders” could come together and change how education is perceived. For my senior capstone class, we had to create our own research question, our own thesis, and find our own data to back up our thesis. My research question was: How well aware are students at inner city public, private, and suburban public schools of the difference’s between each others school environments? How does this awareness affect youth leadership in making a change for educational equity? This question definitely did not just “pop” in my head; it came from results of other main projects that we did. One key project was the oral history project. For this project, we had to set-up our own interviews and create a track with key quotes and words that stood out. Throughout this process, we wrote our own interview questions, and our reflections. From this project I was able to hypothesize that people from all types of schools were ignorant of each other. Moreover, with this ignorance many did not know that

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.