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Boston Community Leadership Academy
Capstone Class--2007

Hello and welcome to the work of the BCLA Capstone Class of 2007!  This spot is intended to serve as:


1) a brief overview of the curriculum and goals of the Senior Capstone Class and

2) a medium to disseminate my students' work and ideas related to youth activism and community change.


Enjoy and make sure that you visit some of my students' digital portfolio spots at:  http://bcla.digication.com/portfolio/directory.digi?



Course Title

Lead, Act and Change:Youth Empowerment and Possibility in a Democratic Society:

The BCLA Senior Capstone Project


Course Overview:


Overall Description:


In brief, this class can be described as an applied community studies course that will focus on the city of Boston and the roles that young people have and must take to effect positive change.  We will work to recognize how national and global historical themes are present even within our own city.  We will examine case-studies in Boston history as well as practice historical methods to better understand what social and historical forces have shaped and continue to shape the city and the lives of its residents, particularly its young people.  We will choose areas of interest, conduct research based on our curiosities and make practical plans to address problems that we care about.  Ultimately, the goal is to make a clear connection between historical understanding and present-day action.

The Course Objectives: 


  1. Actualize the BCLA mission statement;
  2. Learn and practice primary and secondary research skills that are critical for the fields of history and sociology;
  3. Recognize that the historical and social themes that shape national and global history are also the ones that shape the city of Boston; and
  4. Develop and practice the habits of leaders.

Download the class syllabus by clicking here.
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